Before proceeding, here’s what transpired over the weekend.

I’ve always struggled with fragile health, a condition that’s persisted for as long as I can recall.

Just last year, I underwent surgery and have since been under the care of that same doctor. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a positive experience for me.

Despite the surgery, I continued to experience the same pains that led me to undergo the procedure initially. Two nights ago, the pain became unbearable, prompting me to take matters into my own hands by overdosing.

Contrary to the beliefs of those around me, my intention was never to end my own life. I merely sought relief from the agonizing pain.

In retrospect, overdosing on medication may have been a reckless decision, especially considering my background as a health professional. However, in that moment, my thoughts were clouded, and I acted impulsively.

Unfortunately, the overdose didn’t alleviate the pain. Instead, I found myself in the emergency ward, receiving injections and intravenous fluids to rid my body of the excess drugs and alleviate the pain.

there are more reasons to live than to end your life

Jewel Chidinma

Does overdosing truly lead to death, or is it just a myth? Based on my recent experience, I’m inclined to believe it does.

Between the hours of 1 am when I overdosed and 8 am when I was rushed to the hospital, I prayed fervently for forgiveness countless times as I felt my spirit departing. I glimpsed the gates of heaven but was brought back to life before crossing them.

While this account may seem unbelievable, it’s entirely true and serves as a cautionary tale against drug abuse, particularly through overdose.

Regardless of the intensity of your pain, please adhere to your doctor’s advice.

If you’re contemplating ending your life through overdose, consider the emotional turmoil your loved ones will endure. Moreover, overdose is an agonizingly slow and painful method of death.

The sensation of your intestines burning slowly in your stomach, the persistent urge to vomit, the sensation of your heart being torn from your chest, and the sudden loss of feeling in your body are terrifying and compelling reasons to refrain from such actions.

It’s a slow and excruciatingly painful demise. Please, seek assistance from a mental health professional if you’re struggling. Remember, there are more reasons to live than to end your life.

Jewel Chidinma Osonwa-Paul
Author: Jewel Chidinma Osonwa-Paul

Executive Contributor | The MHM Magazine Chidinma is a backend web developer | Node.js | Keen on Telemedicine in Africa | Medical Laboratory Science Student and Content/Copywriter


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