Adedimeji Lateef suffered a leg fracture while working on the set of the movie “Jagun Jagun.”

Adedeji in the new Netfix film: Jagunjagun

Actor Adedimeji Lateef has expressed deep gratitude towards his wife, Adebimpe, for her unwavering encouragement and motivation during a challenging time when he sustained a leg injury on the set of the movie “Jagun Jagun,” produced by Femi Adebayo.


Lateef, who has revealed his upcoming project “Lisabi,” emphasized that he would not have been able to successfully complete his involvement in Adebayo’s “Jagun Jagun” without the immense love and support from his wife.

At the premiere of the movie, both Lateef and his wife stole the spotlight with their Egyptian-inspired attire, receiving admiration from both peers and fans, and creating a memorable presence amid enthusiastic applause.

Taking on the lead role in the Netflix-sponsored project, Lateef praised the movie, noting that it presented a level of challenge he hadn’t encountered in some time.

Discussing his role further, Lateef recounted breaking his leg while filming the movie, a setback that nearly led him to withdraw from the project. However, Adebayo’s persistent encouragement motivated him to persevere and excel.

He reflected on the unwavering support of his wife, who played a pivotal role in motivating him to continue and put forth his best effort, aiding in his recovery process.

“On the inaugural day of filming, I distinctly recall fracturing my leg, and at that moment, it felt almost impossible to carry on due to the excruciating pain. Nevertheless, my wife stood by me, providing unwavering encouragement, much like the exceptional support I received from the crew throughout the shooting process.

“My wife stands as both my foremost enthusiast and constructive critic. Her relentless motivation pushes me to strive diligently and give my all. I believe I owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude for her profound affection and unyielding support,” he further elaborated.


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