“Give me 1 more year and I will be all yours” – Hamzat


In response to DJ Cuppy’s X post, Mr. Hamzat made a humorous and determined comment… However, two years later, his response has illuminated social media. DJ Cuppy’s post on her X account stated, “I want to date a Botanist or Geologist,” to which Mr. Hamzat replied, “Give me 1 more year, and I will be all yours.”

Unbeknownst to the popular business mogul’s daughter, her post served as motivation for Mr. Hamzat. Two years after the initial exchange, he graduated with a first-class degree in Botany from the prestigious University of Lagos. The graduation ceremony, as showcased on his X handle, revealed the proud moment of receiving his well-deserved certificate, fulfilling his promise to his crush.

His recent post garnered numerous responses from followers:

Embark on a mission highly motivated and fueled by what awaits at the end of the line. That doesn’t guarantee the reward, but at least you get things done in your life—accomplishments you wouldn’t normally achieve without the motivation.

A young man is set to date DJ Cuppy after meeting the requirements listed by the billionaire’s daughter in 2021, a few hours after graduating recently from UniLag’s #Botany department.

I rate his commitment, dedication, and memory to remember the bookmark and actually finish with a very good result, then return back to quote it. Excellent men>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

DJ Cuppy’s X account has also been buzzing with followers expressing their thoughts on the situation. She has since replied to the young man:

Congratulations, king…

What comes next from both sides? What do you think, guys?


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