Pelumi Nubi, a Coventry University student, decided to leave her PhD studies to undertake an extraordinary journey from London to Lagos, Nigeria’s bustling metropolis. Despite facing criticism for her decision, Pelumi’s determination only grew stronger. Currently, at the age of 29, she finds herself in Morocco, her fifth stop out of twenty along her route, having traversed through France and Spain. Her plan entails spending another two months on the road before reaching her final destination in Nigeria. To keep expenses low, Pelumi has ingeniously converted her £3k Peugeot 107 into makeshift accommodation, relying on hot water bottles for both drinking water and warmth.

Pelumi on a solo trip from London to Lagos
Pelumi on a solo trip from London to Lagos
Pelumi on a solo trip from London to Lagos
Pelumi with well wisher sending her off
Pelumi on a solo trip from London to Lagos
The car she’s using for the trip

Originally hailing from Croydon in London, Pelumi, who was pursuing a PhD in biomedical science before her departure, expressed her belief that life is too short to remain confined to comfort zones. She acknowledged the daunting nature of her endeavor but emphasized her desire to explore the unknown and inspire others to challenge the boundaries of what is deemed possible. Pelumi’s childhood experiences of visiting Lagos every Christmas instilled in her a curiosity about the countries she flew over during the lengthy flight. While studying at Coventry University, she encountered stories of individuals embarking on unconventional journeys to Lagos, which fueled her own desire to undertake such a feat.

Intrigued by the prospect of traveling the distance by car, particularly in a vehicle not designed for rugged terrain like a 4×4, Pelumi meticulously planned her journey, which commenced in January 2024. Reflecting on her journey thus far, Pelumi emphasized her goal of savoring every moment, interacting with locals, and embracing new experiences along the way.

Despite facing challenges such as language barriers and overwhelming markets, Pelumi remains steadfast in her determination to reach Lagos on March 24. Her journey, which has taken her through various European cities and now into North Africa, has been marked by moments of awe and self-discovery. With planned stops in Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Togo, Ghana, and Nigeria, Pelumi’s adventure serves as a testament to the human spirit’s capacity for exploration and resilience in the face of adversity.

Currently in Morocco as at the time of this report. See below:


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