Our eyes are slowly being turned to see things we seldom saw, we are being forced to think outside the box and ponder…

Dear millennials and co, I know you feel us Generation X-ers and baby boomers have failed and let you down (we’ve all made a hash of things), that we are not ‘woke’ and have lost touch with today’s hyper-connected digital world but please hear me out… What if the uncertainties of 2020; the pandemic, the Australian bushfires, BLM, EndSARS and the recent jaw dropping, political fiasco played out between Trump and Biden, is all a subtle plan being played out by a force beyond this realm that could result in the creation of a whole new race of recycled human beings? Beings that don’t molest, stab, hate, kill each other, panic buy and are other person centred.

What if…? (A letter to our millennials and beyond)
Margaret Love is the founder of Resurrected Pen

A specie that doesn’t fill posts on social media with selfies, troll and shame people online or possess self-inflated egos centred on looks, clothes, money and materialism. So the world as we know it has been brought to a stand-still and we have all been forced to think differently! The things that used to fill our moments and bring us pleasure are somehow slowly fading away and being removed from our grasp. Our sense of fulfilment, importance, education, income, social life, security and certainty, have all been affected in some way. Hopes for a return to ‘normal’ are fast eroding, as the realisation of truth hits us – this is the ‘new normal.

Our eyes are slowly being turned to see things we seldom saw, we are being forced to think outside the box and ponder thoughts that barely occupied our minds; what if I lose my job and how can I generate an income online?

What if I contract ‘COVID’ and die? What if my loved ones die? Why has the world suddenly gone crazy? What if the world is coming to an end!

Haven’t you seen all the videos parading around on social media? Conspiracy theories, the Illuminati, Bill Gates, the Mark of the beast, the New World order and on and on. I mean, we can choose to ignore the signs, defy the lockdowns, and medicate ourselves by binge-watching Netflix or porn online, scrolling through Instagram stories, creating more dance routines for TikTok, playing games on our iPhones, calling up X-rated chat lines, or buying alcohol or cannabis to numb the fear and anxiety about the present times we’re living in but somewhere in the back of our minds, we know that this just leaves us feeling worse and emptier than ever.

Truth is, many of us deep down hate what we have become. Sometimes we even try to be better, to act differently but find ourselves spiralling down the same dark hole and no one’s immune! Not one person and for anybody thinking about that other low life and exempting themselves from the guilty verdict… we’re all GUILTY! We each hide our darkness and present to the world a fake exterior, like a Gucci label slapped on a fake, imitation bag. We fail to seek the truth. The masses aren’t seeking truth, so we go with the flow and never stop to question where the flow ends. Like zombies, we join the bandwagon of souls on a production line heading towards nowhere in particular.

What if…? (A letter to our millennials and beyond)

So as we approach the end of this year there’s a big window of opportunity, to STOP! Take stock, breath, review, realign ourselves and redirect our hearts and minds towards the one name that we tend to mainly use as a swear word – GOD. 

We somehow claim not to believe in Him but unconsciously shout out His name when we’re angry and afraid or we hit a big toe against the corner of a cupboard. Unconsciously He appears to consciously reside within our consciousness (excuse my pun on words). The good news though, just in case you were wondering if there is any after the roller coaster ride of 2020, is that the greatest force outside of our realm; the God of all flesh, loves His self-serving species creation so deeply, that He came up with a plan (totally out of this world!) long ago, to supersede the darkness lurking in our hearts, with a new DNA; His Spirit, that fills the human hearts with the very essence of God; love, causing them to become renewed, loving and Holy (wholesome). Inquisitive? Go download the ‘Bible’ App from the App store! P.S. I’m secretly praying for you all.

We each hide our darkness and present to the world a fake exterior

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Margaret LOVE
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