She was approached by a woman in one of the upscale pubs in the heart of Lagos, offering a staggering sum of 700 euros for a threesome, with her partner as the third party. Recounting the experience on her social media, she admitted to initially being in disbelief, though she managed to maintain a smile outwardly. Internally, however, she found herself silently pleading for divine intervention.

Despite attempting to deter the stranger by falsely claiming she was married, the conversation persisted. Her followers reacted with a mix of shock, humor, and concern:

@Faith Jaction Jay commented, “This is actually scary.”

@Layo remarked, “It is giving gbomo gbomo.”

@Tolani expressed, “Lagos is getting scary.”

@NMAHH empathized, “I would legit start crying 😢 please just leave.”

@Dara expressed relief, “Thank God you rejected the offer oo, let’s not have to hear about ‘justice for…'”

@Hotgirlzotia found humor in the situation, “I find this so funny ehn… Lagos is so wild…why is she so persuasive?… nawa o.”

@BIG BABY cautioned, “You will later regret it.”

@Jbabe emphasized the distance, “Do you know how far marriot is from shirooo? God forbid! Blood of Jesus! She said 700 euros is her trying, weyrey.”

@Moyosore Rantiola shared a personal encounter, “I was once a victim of this nonsense at Chevy view Lagos, I was scared. Ladies beware because all these people are using young ladies.”

@Annonymous questioned, “And you no give her my number?”

@dj dotmund remarked, “It’s not a new thing in Lagos.”

@Frankillumate couldn’t believe it, “Wait a freaking minute; are you for real???? In this Lagos?”

Many expressed fear due to the rising kidnapping activities in Lagos and its suburbs. These perpetrators employ various tactics to lure unsuspecting victims, particularly targeting young women who may be easily swayed by the promise of significant monetary rewards.

Also, ‘threesome’ is widely seen and judged by many as an immoral and gross sexual activity, especially in Nigeria, a country with deeply ingrained religious values.

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@lovemetoloveyou2 I was laughing because I didn’t ever expect this to happen to me … thie was so wilddddd #foryourpage #fypシ #fyp ♬ original sound – Cherrish F.


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