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Interview with Sarah Teibo

The MHM Magazine is a UK based digital/print magazine...

Interview with Lurine Cato

This interview with our cover guest: an Award winning...

Your Child’s Mental Health and You

"An idle mind is the devils playground." Whilst this...

Interview with Chevelle Franklyn

This interview was arranged by Seyi Adebowale with our...

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Asking for Help is a Strength

I wonder if that thought has ever crossed your mind especially if you are a pastor, Church Leader or in Ministry. Unfortunately, sometimes in the Kingdom of God we can be reluctant to seek emotional or psychological help due to worrying about being perceived as spiritually inferior, lacking in faith or prayer or even not being committed enough to your Christian faith.

Pelumi on a Solo Trip from London to Lagos

Pelumi Nubi, a Coventry University student, decided to leave her PhD studies to undertake an extraordinary journey from London to Lagos, Nigeria's bustling metropolis. Despite facing criticism for her decision, Pelumi's determination only grew stronger.

What is your Currency? | Juanita Headley | TEDxNorthumbriaUniversity

Juanita Headley is an internationally recognized anti-human trafficking speaker, TEDTalk speaker, author, and licensed New York attorney. As a humanitarian volunteer, she has a wealth of experience gained from living amongst and serving the formerly incarcerated and indigent communities.

Sex, Selfies, Snapchat, and Self Service

Everybody's talking about it and everybody's doing it, or at least that's how it looks, and not just in the West. Gone are the days of not kissing on the first date and saving sex ‘til marriage.