G-7 summit, New Mexico mass shooting bodycam, Tesla cliff crash


President Biden and other G7 leaders meet in Japan. The wife of a California man who drove a Tesla off a cliff with his family inside says he did it “on purpose.” And Disney drops its plans for a new Florida campus.

Here’s what to know today.

Zelenskyy to join G-7 leaders in Japan

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will make an in-person appearance at the Group of Seven summit this weekend, ensuring the war is a central focus of the democratic leaders whose sustained backing he needs to thwart Russia’s invasion.

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The G-7 summit is now underway in Hiroshima, where President Joe Biden and allies have announced a slew of new sanctions meant to impede the Kremlin’s ability to prolong the war.

In the run-up to the summit, participants had expected Zelenskyy to appear at least virtually. But until today there had been no confirmation that he would make the potentially dangerous trip from Kyiv, the furthest he will have traveled from his country since last year’s invasion.

A charismatic presence in his trademark green fatigues, Zelenskyy will presumably make the case that his nation’s survival hinges on a continued flow of money and sophisticated weaponry from the U.S. and its allies.

New Mexico gunman likely got his final wish, police chief says

The death of the 18-year-old gunman who killed three elderly women in Farmington, New Mexico, was “suicide-by-cop,” police said yesterday in a grim account of the shooting. Nearby doorbell camera caught the suspect screaming “come and kill me” during the barrage, and body camera footage also released yesterday showed the moment an officer was shot.

Police said that two of the women who were killed, a mother and daughter, had stopped to render aid to the first woman attacked in the rampage — but they weren’t aware a shooting was unfolding.

Wife said her husband drove Tesla off cliff with family inside ‘on purpose’ 

The wife of the California radiologist accused of intentionally driving his Tesla over a 330-foot cliff while she and their two young children were inside told authorities “multiple times” that her husband did so “on purpose,” newly unsealed court documents reveal. Miraculously, no one was harmed in the January crash at Devil’s Slide in San Mateo County.

The documents also shed light on what Dr. Dharmesh Patel said about what happened that day. Nearby security camera footage and witness accounts, however, suggest his account of events “is not consistent with the facts.”

GOP witnesses undermined Jan. 6 cases, FBI says

Two of three self-proclaimed FBI whistleblowers who testified before a House subcommittee yesterday lost their security clearances because their conduct in Jan. 6 cases brought into question their allegiance to the U.S., a bureau official wrote in a letter to members of Congress this week. 

The letter, written to Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, preceded yesterday’s hearing of the Jordan-led House subcommittee focused on allegations that the federal government has unfairly targeted conservatives. According to the letter, one former FBI special agent allegedly downloaded documents to an unauthorized flash drive. Another “failed to provide relevant information” about a Jan. 6 suspect. Both repeated false claims about the Capitol riot. Read more of the accusations the FBI made in its letter. 

A third FBI employee mentioned in the letter lost his security clearance because he was on the restricted grounds of the U.S. Capitol on the day of the insurrection but lied about his conduct.

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Disney abandoned plans to…

… open a new Florida campus amid rising tensions with Gov. Ron DeSantis, meaning the company will not move forward with construction and will no longer be asking more than 2,000 California-based employees to relocate to the Sunshine State. A memo to employees cites “changing business conditions,” as well as the return of CEO Bob Iger.

▼ Politics in Brief

Congress: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden over his handling of migrant crossings along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Feinstein’s health: Sen. Dianne Feinstein experienced more complications than were publicly disclosed from a recent case of shingles that left her absent from Washington for months. 

Copyright fight: The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a prominent photographer in a major dispute over images she captured of rock star Prince that were used as the source for prints created by pop artist Andy Warhol.

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