St. Lawrence College open house returns in-person


The Kingston, Ont. campus of St. Lawrence College (SLC) was bustling on Saturday, as the school re-opened its doors for one of its largest events of the year.

“The halls are alive, and it feels like St. Lawrence College again,” says SLC president and CEO Glenn Vollebregt.

The college offered tours as well as information sessions to prospective students.

“We had people here even before it started, the parking lots are full,” Vollebregt says. “It’s really an opportunity for prospective students to check out the programs that interest them, talk to our folks about all the different services we offer and it’s a great opportunity to see what St. Lawrence College is all about.”

SLC Student Association president Agum Wadhwa was excited to speak with potential new students and share his experiences.

“Everyone is back with a new enthusiasm, which feels so great,” Wadhwa says. “And everyone, all the other departments, are working together, which feels so good.”

It’s a welcome change from the previous couple of years, when students were unable to ask questions and view facilities in-person due to the pandemic.

“It was definitely hard and different from what students can experience now, and this is great,” says SA Student Engagement Manager Daria Bolshakova.

She began studying at SLC in 2020 and was unable to attend any in-person events to help make her decision, something she says would have been helpful.

“I think it’s really beneficial for students to come to campus, to actually see how the classrooms look, how the gym looks, all the facilities,” says Bolshakova. “To know what they can expect.”


“It’s a big decision, like an extremely big decision,” says prospective student Trinity Sparks. “So, you know, getting to look at everything here and all the different programs, you just get all these options that you might not have thought you’d be interested in. But now, ‘oh!’ it peaks your interest.”

With interests peaked and information gained, these enthusiastic learners are now one step closer to making a final decision about their future plans.

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