Kingston’s West African community settles who makes the best jollof rice


Jollof rice is a traditional dish across West Africa and is particularly popular in Nigeria and Ghana.

A friendly debate has taken place between the people of the two nations about who the best jollof rice.

Attempts to settle that debate took place this past weekend in the halls of the Coppen Academy with an old-fashioned cook-off.

The origins of the friendly rivalry are unknown, but according to the organizer of the event, Vanessa Mensah, the origin of the dish itself is well-documented.

“Jollof actually did not originate from Ghana or Nigeria as we now know, it originated from Senegal,” said Mensah.

Jollof rice is cooked in a sauce made with fresh vegetables, spices that are blended together and then cooked with the rice.

Christina Adewale owns Ella’s Cuisine and was cooking for team Nigeria at the weekend event.

“I take all my red bell peppers and my tomatoes and my scotch bonnet and I like put it in the oven or on the grill to like smoke it, so to speak,” said Adewale.

Mensah says her Jollof rice is a mix of elements from both Ghana and Nigeria.

“What the Nigerians do to make their jollof rich and sweet and what the Ghanaians do to make their jollof just bursting flavour,” said Mensah.

After tastings of the different versions of the rice dish, it came down to the eaters, not the cooks, to vote on the best version.

Nigeria garnered 24 votes and Ghana won the competition with 47 votes.

Mensah says the event has brought community members together and could see the cook-off becoming an annual event.

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