Back Up Everything With Samsung’s Portable T7 1TB SSD for $80 (Save $20)


Devices sometimes fail unpredictably, and you can lose a ton of important data when they do. External hard drives are a great way to avoid that situation by backing up your essential files. Samsung’s portable T7 SSD offers a full terabyte of storage and comes with both a USB-C to C and a USB-C to A cable so you can transfer files easily. Amazon has slashed the price by 20%, meaning you’ll pay just $80 right now. We don’t know how long this offer will last, so we recommend making your purchase sooner rather than later.

This solid state drive reads up to 1,050 megabytes per second and writes up to 1,000MB per second on supported devices. It’s compact enough to throw in your laptop bag and it’s built to be shock-resistant, so it can withstand a fall from a height of up to 6 feet. There’s even built-in tech to keep the drive from overheating during data transfer. It’s available in blue, red and black. All three variants are discounted currently, so you can choose the style you like best. 

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