The Ocean Race: ‘A huge positive point!’ – Team Holcim-PRB aim to make In-Port race at Newport ahead of Leg 5


Team Holcim-PRB have re-masted their boat and are aiming to be able to compete in the In-Port race at Newport on Saturday.

The team came into Leg 4 as the leaders of the race but then suffered a catastrophe when they suffered a dismasting and eventually were forced to abandon the leg.

Whilst they remain top of the standings at the moment they are facing a pivotal Leg 5, with points earned in this leg worth double.

The Ocean Race

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So it was good news that the boat was able to get back in the water early on Thursday morning with the crew now working overtime to finish repairs.

The aim is for the boat to be able to compete in the In-Port race before Leg 5.

“The arrival of the boat in Newport is the second-biggest step after the arrival of the mast,” explained skipper Kevin Escoffier.

“But it’s far from over. We’ll have to adjust the sails, the rigging, all the bits and pieces. But having the boat here, on time and even a little bit earlier, is a huge positive point. We are continuing our journey towards our main objective, which is the start of this Leg 5 on May 21st.”

Loic Fequet, technical director, added: “The whole team has been mobilised since the dismasting, really everyone. We had to get organised very quickly to deal with this mishap.

“We had to make a lot of decisions in a few days. We made it. We are not yet at the start of the leg but there is a good chance that we will be there.”

Escoffier went on to praise the entire team for the incredible work they had put in to get the boat back on track.

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He said: “I particularly like The Ocean Race because it is a race where team spirit is very strong. At sea of course but also on land.

“Our technicians have all reacted in an extremely positive way after the dismasting with the only wish that we be at the start this Sunday.

“Every mile we sail to Aarhus will be to thank them and make them proud of this collective adventure. Without them, we could not hope to continue the race in the best possible conditions. And I really want to thank everyone for the energy invested.”

You can watch full coverage of the In-Port race on Saturday May 20 and the start of Leg 5 on Sunday May 21 live on and discovery+

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The Ocean Race

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The Ocean Race

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