Stephen Hendry and Neil Robertson not impressed with how some snooker pros train – ‘It makes me so angry!’


Stephen Hendry was joined by Neil Robertson in his latest Youtube video and the pair expressed some of their tips and frustrations with other players in practice.

The duo played some snooker while having a fascinating chat about everything from starting out in the game, facing Jimmy White, scoring centuries and 147s.

But perhaps most interesting was the pair revealing some of their top practice routines and preferences while also sharing their thoughts about how some other professionals approach their practice sessions.

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“I was very militant in my solo practice where if I missed I would start again,” Hendry said on his ‘Stephen Hendry’s Cue Tips’ Youtube channel.

“It is the only way to do it, right? I used to see players at venues do line-ups and if they missed they just carried on, and I was like ‘what are you doing? What is the point?’

“I’ve been to the academies in Sheffield and quite often you see two players playing each other and there will be another player sort of leaning on the table chatting … it makes me so angry! I’m like, ‘what are you doing?’

“Not everyone can do it and that is why so few can be at the top of the game.

“But if you keep starting again when you miss when you get to a game, you just clean up with the first chance you get automatically because that is what you have been practising all day.

“Keep it simple. I see these weird and wonderful routines with all the reds in shapes and I don’t see the point of it. In terms of the basics of being able to score heavily under pressure, you should just keep it simple.”

Robertson agreed: “When you are really hungry, it replicates when you are bang under it. So if you can clear up under those kinds of conditions, for me, it replicates what it is like when you are in a tournament.

“It requires a lot of discipline, which is maybe why a lot of young players don’t do it because it is not as fun.

“But you look at the best young players coming through, like [Yan] Bingtao, and they love doing solo practice and are really dedicated.

‘At the moment my bad is better than everyone else’s bad’ – O’Sullivan

“You can see the ones that are doing their practice properly.

“You also see a lot of them as well, they can make an immaculate total clearance, but then they can’t sustain it because they are too used to doing the hard exercises.

“They are not able to build up that concentration of not missing for a couple of hours, which I think is more important.”

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