I wanted Pepe’s jersey for my son – Finidi George


Super Eagles assistant coach Finidi George has explained the controversies surrounding the jostle for jersey of Portugal’s Pepe with Moses Simon during a a friendly last week.

Moses Simon and Finidi George were seen after the match struggling to get the jersey of Pepe, leading to criticism by Nigerians.

The former Super Eagles winger explained the jersey was meant for his son who is a fan of Real Madrid.

He said: “My son asked me two weeks ago if it’s possible to get the shirt of Ronaldo or Pepe because he’s a very big fan of Real Madrid when they were at the club and I told him I will try.

“Getting to the field, we knew Ronaldo wasn’t going to start because he was sick. So I told Pepe in the tunnel, please after the game, I would like to have the shirt for my son.

“So, he told me that was fine. After the game, I saw he was changing his shirt with one of the players and I went to remind him of what we said in the tunnel before the game started.

“He said he was going to give his shirt to a Super Eagles player (Zaidu Sanusi) playing in his club (Porto), and that definitely, I will get the shirt. I was speaking Spanish with him and that was it”.

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