‘Feels betrayed’ – Expert view on the Manuel Neuer drama at Bayern Munich and what happens next


The Bayern Munich and Manuel Neuer drama is “nothing new” says Eurosport Germany’s Florian Bogner, adding that there is no-one who is in the right.

Things at the club, often referred to as FC Hollywood, ramped up a notch over the weekend when Bayern sacked Neuer’s long-time goalkeeping coach Toni Tapalovic.

Neuer responded by giving an explosive interview with the Athletic, to which club CEO Oliver Kahn responded even more vociferously.


Kahn hits out at Neuer criticising Bayern for sacking goalkeeping coach

04/02/2023 AT 09:27

Speaking to Eurosport UK, Bogner said: “Well, to Bayern this is nothing new.

“They already were referred as “FC Hollywood” in the past [since the 90s].

“And the stuff off the pitch always comes with having bad results, of course. But they can quieten these rumours with good results.

“Now they have won two times in a row and will have a more quiet week. But PSG is coming – so that will be interesting if they drop out of the Champions League … Then Nagelsmann’s position will be weakened, for sure.”

Manuel Neuer denkt nicht an Abschied von Bayern

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We asked Bogner why this has all happened now. He said he thinks it’s a power play, from both sides.

“Well, Neuer had such a high position at Bayern that the whole goalkeeping team was built around him. Tapalovic and him were doing their own stuff, so to say, and were kind of untouchable.

“Sven Ulreich was a nice add-on to this – he never really spoke up and was glad to be only the ‘number two’.

“All this was fine – as long as Neuer was able to compete at his highest level. But in recent years, as he got older, there were several injury issues (e.g. 2017-2018) and Bayern looked at the whole package more carefully.

“That’s why they bought Alexander Nubel, but they discovered that Nubel and Neuer were like fire and ice. So they loaned Nubel to Monaco – and Nubel since stated that he won’t come back to Bayern as long as Neuer is there.

“Now, with Neuer’s broken foot at the age of 37 on his own account while skiing, everything has changed. Several things came together: Bayern lost a little bit of faith in Neuer’s ability to be the best goalkeeper for the years to come.

“Nagelsmann and Tapalovic weren’t that keen on each other as well. Tapalovic never contacted Nubel in Monaco, Bayern bought Yann Sommer over Tapalovic’s and Neuer’s head – and in the end, they fired Tapalovic.

“Neuer now feels betrayed by Bayern and that’s why he did the interview (without the approval of Bayern).”

So does he think Bayern are right? Or is Neuer?

“There is no right or wrong here. Bayern decided to mix up Neuer’s state in state, so to speak – to challenge him and to be prepared if he’s not coming back at his best level. And Neuer felt betrayed because of that, and that’s why he reacted in this emotional way, which does him no good because he’s in a weak position and also the fanbase is against him now because of his stupid skiing accident.”

Yann Sommer

Image credit: Getty Images

Bogner does think that Neuer is perhaps in a slightly weaker position than before with the arrival of Sommer, but doesn’t think it’s a sure thing the German keeper leaves.

“Neuer definitely thinks he’s better than Sommer, who is 34 years old as well. But it’s definitely a challenge to him. And he surely would have preferred for them to stick with Ulreich, like in the past when Neuer was injured.

“There is a slight possibility for a transfer, yes, but not likely right now. He will try to come back and show everybody what he is still capable of. He also has Euro 2024 in Germany back in his mind with Hansi Flick as a loyal national coach. That’s a huge deal – so he will think twice before provoking something.”


Bayern confirm €8m Sommer signing following Neuer’s long-term injury

19/01/2023 AT 15:57

World Cup

Neuer ruled out for the season after leg break in skiing accident

10/12/2022 AT 12:32

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