Rosé Reflects on Auditioning for BLACKPINK: ‘I Was Lucky’ (Exclusive)


Rosé opens up in a new cover story with Mastermind magazine about BLACKPINK‘s world tour, her decision to audition for the K-pop girl group and more.

“For such a crazy time like right now, it has been working during the day, rehearsing in the evening, recording during the night, going home, sleeping and then repeating,” the singer told Mastermind ahead of launching the BORN PINK World Tour, in interview excerpts exclusive to Billboard.

“It has definitely been a handful,” she continued, “but we’re grateful and excited that we’re able to work on our album while preparing to meet and perform these new songs for our BLINKS. Since the pandemic, it has been an awfully long and brutal time for everyone, so we cannot wait to be back performing for so many of our BLINKS, who have been waiting so patiently. I’m excited to finally see the familiar faces.”

During the interview, Rosé also shared how her dad was actually the one to first suggest she attend the YG audition that would ultimately alter the course of her entire life. “My dad always watched me print out lyrics and chords off of his laptop and reach at the top of my lungs over the piano in an attempt to sing Beyoncé’s most heartbreaking, sad songs till midnight,” she reminisced. “So, I guess it wasn’t too bizarre for him to ask me if I wanted to try auditioning at the YG audition that was being held in Australia.

“When I was growing up, there weren’t many opportunities for me to officially dive into music,” the idol added. “So when YG – a company that was home to some of my favorite musicians – was coming to audition near my city, there couldn’t have been a better opportunity for me to reach out and grab on to my dreams. I would like to say that I was lucky – lucky to have a supportive dad who encouraged me to challenge myself and take my chance.”

Rosé and her band mates are currently on the North American leg of their world tour in support of 2022’s Born Pink, which will run through Nov. 19 before heading to Europe and Asia.

See photos from Rosé’s chic, flower-strewn spread in Mastermind below.

Rosé on cover of Mastermind Magazine

Tess Ayano for Mastermind Magazine


Rosé in Mastermind Magazine

Tess Ayano for Mastermind Magazine

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