Kenyan Band Lafrik channel hope, love & joy in their debut album, ‘Love Freaks’


Date of Release: November 18th, 2022

Length: 38 minutes 51 seconds

Features: 2 – Charisma, Hart the Band

Label: Lafrik Entertainment

Details/Takeaway: Lafrik takes you through the sonic landscape of Kenyan pop with a mix of reggaeton and Latino in ‘Encanto’ which loosely translates to charm as they sing an ode to their muse praising them for their capability in making their day bright. Avid students of the game for a while, the band shows off their knack in songwriting in their tracks Je Unanipenda’ and ‘Nakupa Moyo’ over subtle ‘zilizopendwa’ production resonating with most Kenyan listeners. While exploring the themes of love they delve further into society’s high demand for men in ‘Pesa’ as they tackle the intersection of love and money “..wasichana wanafuata wababa vijana tunateseka..mwanaume ni hela..” Only lovers know the pain of heartbreak especially when they “ghost” you without any prior signals. Lafrik manages to put the difficult emotions experienced in ‘Uko Wapi’ over smooth serenading percussions and crisp guitar strings that ironically lift up your mood and if you need a bedroom playlist to remind your muse of your undying loyalty ‘Do Do Do’ sums up everything you need to say.

It is the authentic approach of Lafrik in their music that sets them apart from their peers. Mixing various elements of Kenyan music with the urban element brings a new approach that is not popular making ‘Love Freaks’ a guaranteed album in Kenya’s music hall of fame.

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