Justin Timberlake Agrees With Viral Comment His ‘Girlfriend Looks Like Jessica Biel’


Justin Timberlake got in on the fun on Tuesday (May 16) after a social media user pointed out the stark similarities between his wife and…Jessica Biel.

The joke started when the TikTok user left a comment on the pop star’s video, writing, “I don’t know who you are but your girlfriend looks like Jessica Biel Congrats!” followed by a pair of starry eyed and thumbs up emojis.

Of course, considering Timberlake has been married to the actual Jessica Biel for more than a decade, he couldn’t resist turning the comment into a bit. In the video, the scruffy singer lowers his orange sunglasses to look directly at the camera and give a knowing, “Yeah. Yeah…Yeah.” He doubled down in the caption of the post as well, writing, “From now on I’m only going by ‘Jessica Biel’s Boyfriend.’”

The former *NSYNC frontman’s more than 1.7 million followers ran with his joke in the comments section with one writing, “I don’t know who Jessica Biel is but you look like her husband” and another joking, “What!!! How you meet Jessica Biel??? you friends with like the Backstreet Boys or something? Wow crazy.” A third used the gag to hint at what they wanted from the pop star by commenting, “Jessica Biel’s boyfriend should totally drop and album or something.”

While Timberlake hasn’t dropped a full body of work since 2018’s Man of the Woods, his frequent collaborator Timbaland teased just last month that the singer’s hard at work in the studio on his upcoming sixth solo album. “Nothing too heavy, just giving you what you’d expect from us,” he said of the project. “Not overthought, the lyrics are not so deep, it’s bob-your-head, dance-to-it music.”

Watch Timberlake react to being Biel’s “boyfriend” below.

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