Garth Brooks Reveals He Once Showered With Steven Tyler: ‘How Many People Can Say That?’


Garth Brooks stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday (May 18) to spill the tea on the time he found himself in the showers with none other than Steven Tyler.

The country legend regaled host Kelly Clarkson with the story, which happened back in 2008 when he and the Aerosmith frontman performed with Billy Joel during his historic final shows at New York’s Shea Stadium.

“I showered with him,” Brooks said nonchalantly, as the American Idol winner was pointing out that he’d covered one of Aerosmith’s songs in the past. “Did you say ‘I showered with him’?” a baffled Clarkson responded once she registered what her pal had revealed.

“So we’re playin’ The Last Play at Shea, Billy Joel. They’re gettin’ ready to tear down Shea Stadium [in] New York,” Brooks continued. “And I go out there and I’m late anyway, and they have just the baseball showers. I’m in there showering, gettin’ ready for the show. And I have soap in my eyes, I look around and there’s Steven Tyler. He’s showerin’ too. [Waves] ‘Hey! How ya doin’?’

“And so it was…How many people get to say that?” the icon added, to which Clarkson hilariously rejoined, “Well, who knows? Who knows, he’s rock and roll, I don’t know! You might not be so special, Garth.”

During the chat, Brooks also declared his recent ACM Awards co-host Dolly Parton the all-time best country music has to offer, saying, “The thing is, we always talk about the GOAT. And the GOAT is always a guy. I’m not sure that the GOAT of country music isn’t a female.”

Watch Brooks dish on accidentally hitting the showers with Tyler and more below.

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