The Power of Impression by Shade Olupitan


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People’s impression of you can either make or mar. Human beings are thinking beings hence the tendency to be highly judgemental and draw conclusions quickly. These impressions are not necessarily a true reflection of who or what you are, but are often drawn at the point of interaction, especially the first time.

So how do you define impression? The Oxford Dictionary defines impression as an idea or feeling or an opinion you get about somebody/something, or that somebody or something gives you. From this definition, we can deduce that the impression we give people about us is derived from the energies we give off either positive or negative.
I got a wake up call sometime last month, when I posted the results of a personality game on Facebook where I was adjudged ‘cold’ when it comes to love. As harmless as I thought the post was, it generated some controversial comments that gave me a rethink.
Almost fifty percent of my friends who commented agreed with the post while the rest fifty percent thought otherwise. For a moment I doubted myself!!

But on further soul searching, I realised that those who thought me cold were basically acquaintances. Those that have interacted with me on very few occasions, those that I had to relate with on very few instances on the course of my job and worse still those who have seen me yet again stand my ground without backing down on very important issues.
Whereas those who thought otherwise were people I would call close friends. These are people I grew up with, lived with, dined with, people who know me in and out. Those I would like to refer to as privileged to interact intimately with me to know that behind my serious look (all thanks to introversion), is a very simple soul.

So where and how did this ‘cold’ claim come about? My face and disposition!. I had to tell myself that one truth, that I don’t have the most appealing face when I’m not smiling or relaxed! And my disposition largely screamed ‘back down’!. I’ve been told by people how they initially thought I had built a solid wall around me until they came close only to find that the wall is so thin you can literally push it down with a finger.
So before it’s beginning to seem like this article is all about me, the bone of contention is, not everyone you meet is going to get the chance or time to know you up close. A lot more people are going to breeze in and out of your life and the impression they have of you in the first few 7seconds they meet you is key.

How to create a great impression when meeting people for the first time.

According to science, it takes a person about 3 to 7 seconds to make an impression when meeting people for the first time and so regardless of where you are, be it at work, business meetings, social situations e.t.c. you have a very short time to put up your best in order to have a great interaction while cementing your reputation. The other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance, body language and demeanor, your mannerisms and of course, how you are dressed.
If I were given the opportunity, I would live life not minding what anyone thought of me, and without a care in the world, but you and I know we live in a world of impressions. There are rules and laws guiding our activities and falling short of any could present you as anti-social.

So how can you make a good first impression… Continue reading


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