Joy Will Come- Zoe Louise


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Have you read the scripture “weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning”? (psalm 30.5). I remember thinking to myself what joy?!!.I don’t feel joyful at all I had wept more than one night with the circumstance I was going through and certainly didn’t feel any joy, I actually felt depressed .we have all been there when we have gone through the storm and I felt like I was in the biggest pit.

I was disappointed, sad, betrayed and very depressed with how life had become. I had prayed and prayed but still felt the same and i remember watching a sermon on Joyce Meyer where she was talking about “stinking thinking” and how we worry and think so negatively, looking to the past e.t.c. and well, that was just me . Something she said just made me think differently, was I just going to sit here and have a pity party and keep pondering on all the wrong things? and to think I actually spoke out that I was depressed! There is power in our words too, when we think negatively and  then speak it, it’s not good at all .

Things don’t have to stay the same but you do have to put some work in and change the way you think and talk”

Zoe Louise

I remember coming across the scripture “why are you down cast. why are you crying the blues I fix my eyes on God and …To read more get a copy here


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