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From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, “ I survived”.

Craig Scott

Many of us have hidden scars which may have developed through adverse life experiences including traumas, bereavement, separation, divorce, disappointments, neglect, abuse, rejection and unmet needs. Our emotional wounds and scars can remind us of our journey and the process of recovery if we allow ourselves to be emotionally restored.

However, some choose to remain with their head stuck in the sand through emotional and cognitive avoidance which can avert their emotional healing whilst preventing them from soaring like an eagle in life.

You may be that person who struggles to bounce back from setbacks. However, this can change through making consistent small changes within your mindset which I will outline in this article.

Emotional resilience is a powerful aptitude that can be learned and will aid you in addressing and recovering from emotional wounds. Moreover, emotional resilience is a protective factor against stress, anxiety and depression which is unfortunately now pervasive for many people.

I have personally developed my emotional resilience when facing the traumatic loss of my mother and experiencing physical health difficulties which I believed at the time may have affected my…

fertility due to the medication prescribed. These situations were horrifying and unexpected however I experienced personal growth through focusing on opportunities and remaining optimistic in a dark and arid season.

Resilience can be defined as keeping your head ‘during adversity through remaining calm, sober and having a measured approach to the situation. Resilience has also been described as the Positive adaptation after a stressful or adverse situation (Hopf 2010). Positive adaptation includes successfully adjusting to the adversity and assimilating it into your life.

Emotional resilience is the capacity to emotionally recover successfully from Continue reading here


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