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Our song ‘I am Yours’ takes its lyrics from the Bible.

Psalm 23, The Lord Is My Shepherd is probably one of the best known psalms there is, popular hymn, favourite bible reading and, when I heard North Korean Christian, Hea Woo, speak of how she recited it round and round in her head when held prisoner and tortured for her faith in her home country, it found a new importance for me.

There are lots of theories as to when and why King David wrote it, none of which can be known for sure, but I like to think that when David was bringing the ark of God back home from Obed-Edom in 2 Samuel chapter 6, the psalm probably expresses his feeling of joy and security in God’s safe keeping absolutely perfectly. Maybe the words came to him then.

I hope David would be happy to hear our version of the psalm – after  all, 2 Samuel v 14 describes him as ‘dancing before the Lord with all his might’, so much so that when his wife Michal saw his exultant approach from an upstairs window she ‘despised him with all her heart’. He was clearly giving it some welly.

‘I am Yours’ is a song of worship and joy, an expression of absolute security in God’s hands. Nothing wrong with dancing to it just as joyfully as David did.

Penny Lyon

Out of the Ashes

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