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latest edition issue xvii !

Raised as a Christian in North London; She’s had her own share of life’s challenges. For her, it was a very rough journey at first, but she kept going against all odds...This and many more form the storyline of our cover guest for the of November edition of The MHM Magazine UK ISSUE 17: Lurine Cato – A singer song writer, former Britain's Got Talent finalist; she’s recently been included on the Queens Birthday honour list with MBE for her contribution to charity and music. On this ISSUE, you will see the part of Lurine you’ve never seen before: Her story will, without a doubt, change your life. Also, on this edition, we parade the recent works of the UK and other international artistes and where you can get to connect with them. There are also fresh and informative articles bordering on mental health and emotional well being written by our experienced and qualified contributors. You will never get bored. The cover and the inside pages are beautiful and well laid out for maximum experience. Enjoy! The MHM Magazine UK ...celebrating you, celebrating people, celebrating talents.