Switzerland Registered Nearly 20% More Asylum Requests in October Compared to September


A total of 3,208 asylum requests were registered in Switzerland during October this year, which is 527 more than in the previous month marking an increase of +19.7 per cent.

According to a statement issued by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration, compared to the same month of 2021, the number of asylum requests has increased by 1707, with the most important countries of origin being Afghanistan and Turkey, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

In addition, in October, 2,360 people who had fled Ukraine were granted S protection status in Switzerland.

The data provided by the Migration Secretariat further reveals that among the countries of origin of persons who applied for asylum in Switzerland in October are Afghanistan with 1,154 applications or 330 more than in September, followed by Turkey with 644 applications with an increase of +100, Burundi with 315 applications; +179 and Algeria with 160 requests; +19 and Eritrea with 151 requests; + two.

“Of the 3,208 applications submitted in October, 2,839 were primary applications (September 2022: 2,273 primary applications). Persons who make a primary request do so independently of other persons who have already requested protection. The most important countries of origin for the primary applications in October 2022 were: Afghanistan (1,119, +342), Turkey (552, +79), Burundi (315, +180) as well as Algeria (157, +18), and Syria (79, -38),” the report shows.

The same source has emphasized that in October of this year, the State Secretariat for Migration SEM processed a total of 1,675 requests for asylum and 522 rejection decisions. However, 464 people were granted asylum, and 384 were temporarily accepted as part of the first-level processing.

At the same time, the number of cases pending in the first instance has increased by 1,560 to 9,464 compared to September.

During October, 1,525 people left Switzerland in a controlled manner, with the country also asking another Dublin state to take in 795 people, while 134 people were transferred to the responsible Dublin country in the same period.

Switzerland was asked again by other Dublin countries to take 338 people, and thus 21 people were transferred to Switzerland. In line with the resettlement agreement, 145 people entered Switzerland in October of this year. Up to 1,600 refugees who are particularly vulnerable will also be accepted by Switzerland for the years 2022 and 2023.

Moreover, a total of 2,757 people applied for S protection status at federal asylum centres in October. Meanwhile, 2,360 people have received S protection status during this time, while another 110 people have been denied for not meeting the criteria.

Since the activation of the protective status, it has been terminated for 5,212 cases and 1,373 cases; the termination is under review. In addition, at the end of October, 60,601 people had received S protection status.

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