Morocco Is the Main Beneficiary of France Schengen Visas in Africa in 2023


Morocco is the main African country to take advantage of Schengen visas issued by the French Republic in 2023, despite a 50 per cent restriction that applied last year to the whole continent of Africa.

According to the French Ambassador to Morocco, Christophe Lecourtier, the decision taken mid-December regarding the return to normality of visa issuance for Moroccans has been well implemented, reports.

“Applicants are treated in the best possible way, both in terms of reception, but also in terms of speed and rapidity for the issuance of the diplomas they are applying for,” Lecourtier said.

On the other hand, the French consulate in the Moroccan capital of Rabat has called on visa applicants to avoid including intermediaries on their applications, who according to the general consul, Sandrine Lelong-Motta, charge applicants looking to book an appointment.

The authority also advised Schengen visa applicants to start the process two weeks earlier since more than 800 appointments are open on daily basis. reports that the French migration policy has made it more difficult for Moroccan citizens to enter the country in the past year. Moreover, the French Republic announced the reduction of visa issuance to certain countries such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in 2021, which sparked criticism from these nations.

A Moroccan citizen from France said he was being deprived of the right to travel while another one said she had never had her visa denied before.

“What risk do I represent for France? It is incomprehensible”, she added.

In 2021, the number of visas issued halved by 50 per cent, following the announcement of restrictions, which were introduced as a measure related to Morocco’s refusal to welcome nationals deported or affected by deportation measures returning from France to the North African country.

The vice-president of the French Senate, Vincent Delahaye, said that the issue of visas is important because it is related to the orders of Moroccans to leave French territory. He also was positive that a positive result can be obtained for issuing visas despite the migration-related issues.

The national bureau of France, INSEE reveals that currently, a total of 835,000 citizens with Moroccan origins live in France, representing the second-largest immigrant community in the country. Moroccans fall behind the Portuguese and before Algerian, Turkish and Italian nationals living in the European country. The majority of Moroccans are located in Paris as almost 36 per cent of them live in the capital city.

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