Lithuania Tightens Immigration & Citizenship Examination Procedures for Foreigners


The Lithuanian authorities have announced that the country has decided to change its regulation regarding immigration and citizenship examination procedures for foreigners reaching the country.

According to the Minister of Interior of Lithuania, Agnė Bilotaitė, such a decision has been taken in order to prevent the country from persons who may pose a threat to its national security, reports.

“By tightening the legal regulation regarding immigration and citizenship examination procedures, we must protect the state from persons who may pose a threat to national security,” the statement of minister Bilotaitė reads.

According to the Ministry of Interior of Lithuania, Minister Bilotaitė has already signed amendments to the order that changes the procedure for issuing documents to nationals of other countries wishing to enter or remain in Lithuania.

In line with the new rules, foreigners will be required to submit additional documents when applying for a visa, a residence permit, or a residence permit card for a family member of an EU citizen.

“Failure to provide the requested information or providing false data will help the Migration Department to more effectively assess the risk of illegal migration and make decisions on issuing or cancelling documents,” the Ministry stressed.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the Ministry has said that Lithuania will also strengthen control “over the presence and life of foreigners”. Minister Bilotaitė has required that the Migration Department makes sure to especially monitor foreigners from Russia and Belarus.

Moreover, the Ministry emphasised that the Migration Department is also obliged to pay close attention to cases when a Lithuanian citizen acquires Russian and Belarusian citizenship, and the same is obliged to strip them of Lithuanian citizenship.

Apart from deciding to tighten immigration and citizenship examination procedures for those presenting a threat to the national security of Lithuania, Minister Bilotaitė has also said that the country will not admit or grant asylum to persons who enter illegally.

While Lithuania has made clear its position on illegal migration, the Ministry emphasised that the border officials will continue to offer medical assistance and provide illegal migrants with humanitarian packages.

Previously, reported that Lithuania has invited all of its citizens to report suspicious foreigners to the relevant authorities.

The Ministry said that all citizens who encounter anything suspicious should immediately report it so that the country can take necessary measures.

Thanks to the help of its citizens, Lithuania has already been expelled from the country a citizen of Russia connected to the Kremlin.

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