Lithuania Invites Its Citizens to Report Suspicious Foreigners


After successfully removing from the country a Russian citizen connected to Kremlin, thanks to the help of citizens, the Lithuanian government has invited them to continue cooperating with the authorities and report suspicious foreigners.

In a press release issued today, on November 18, the Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs has revealed that a Russian citizen named S. Ivashkovskis, who has been living in Lithuania up until now, has been found to have links to the Russian government after citizens reported him to the Lithuanian authorities, reports.

The Ministry has also confirmed that once the Department of State Security confirmed the information, the Migration Department revoked Ivashkovskis’ residence permit in Lithuania and ordered him to leave the country immediately.

Commenting on the case, the Minister of the Interior, Agnė Bilotaitė, has emphasized the importance of the public’s contribution in the identification of people who present a national security risk in Lithuania by supporting hostile world regimes.

In order to ensure the internal security of the country, it is necessary not only timely and close cooperation between institutions and their highly responsible approach in assessing such cases. An active civil society also plays a significant role here,” the Minister said.

The Ministry has called on all citizens to contact the Department of Migration in case they encounter suspicious foreigners.

Recently, the Lithuanian authorities have undertaken several measures in their bid to prevent illegal migration and entry of people into the country who might be a risk to national security. As a result, earlier in November, the Lithuanian Ministry of Interior has revealed a proposal through which it intends to tighten up citizenship and immigration procedures.

The proposed amendments will establish additional requirements for certain categories of foreigners who apply for a visa, a residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania or a residence permit card for a family member of a Union citizen, to submit additional documents or information,” the Ministry said in a press release announcing the move.

In addition, the country is pushing forward for a new bill to be introduced, which would strip dual nationals of their Lithuanian citizenship in cases when they support the Russian regime and the invasion of Ukraine.

According to the local media, the proposal follows the case of a Russian-born ice dancer who has Lithuanian citizenship who last August took part in a performance in Russia, together with her Lithuanian husband.

>> 62% of Lithuanians in Favour of Completely Banning Russians From Entering EU

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