Indian Nationals Benefited the Most From Norway’s Visitor Visas in the First 10 Months of This Year


Citizens of India have benefited the most from Norwegian visitor visas for a period from January until October this year, according to the recent report provided by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

The same reports that authorities in Norway have granted a total of 13,214 visitor visas to Indian citizens from January until October this year, reports.

The number of visitor visas for Indians for a period from January until June marked a notable monthly increase.

More specifically, a total of 138 visitor visas were granted to Indian citizens in January, 273 in February, 842 in March, 959 in April, 1,500 in May and 2,368 in June.

As for the period from July until October, the highest increase in the number of visitor visas granted to citizens of India was noted in September.

In July, Indians received a total of 1,635 visitor visas, followed by a total of 1,869 visitor visas issued in August, a total of 2,156 in September and 1,476 in October.

According to the figures provided by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, besides Indians, nationals of the following countries benefited the most from Norway’s visitor visas for a period in the first ten months of this year:

  • Thailand – 5,460
  • The Philippines – 3,546
  • Russia – 2,689
  • Pakistan -2,191
  • China- 2,044
  • South Africa – 1,869
  • Sri Lanka – 1,834
  • Indonesia – 1,406
  • Turkey – 1,399
  • Iran – 1,379
  • Vietnam – 1,100
  • Malawi – 1,040
  • Kosovo – 961

The recent figures provided by Norway’s UDI show that authorities in Norway granted a total of 47,917 visitor visas for a period between January and October this year.

The figures provided by the same source revealed that in January a total of 1,304, visitor visas have been granted in January this year, 1,935, in February, increasing significantly in March (3,628) April (3,917), May (5,762) and June (7,611).

At the same time, UDI data reveals that in July (6,281), August (6,658), September (6,192) and October (4,629) also were granted a high number of visitor visas authorities in Norway.

The report also revealed that nationals from the following countries were at the bottom of the list in terms of visitor visas issued:

  • Angola – 2
  • Burkina Faso -2
  • Australia -1
  • Singapore- 1
  • Haiti -1
  • Papua New Guinea -1
  • Gabon- 1
  • Lesotho -1
  • Chad -1
  • Vanuatu -1

A visitor visa permits internationals to remain in this country, or in other Schengen Zone countries for up to 90 days over a period of 180 days.

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