Europe Confronts Demographic Decline & Uncharted Challenges, Hungarian President Warns


The President of Hungary, Katalin Novák, has said that Europe is currently dealing with pressing issues, including a demographic decline as well as an array of unprecedented challenges that have not been facing before.

Such a remark from President Novák was made during the Sendai Framework Agreement conference, established by the United Nations to increase resilience, reports.

According to the latest population projections issued by the official statistical office of the EU, the population of the bloc is expected to decrease by six per cent between January 1, 2022, and January 1, 2100. This is equivalent to 27.3 million fewer people.

About Hungary explains that President Novák said that her country had made outstanding efforts to help those in need despite not having significant natural resources.

“We have no seas nor significant natural resources. However, compared to our resources and local conditions, we have made outstanding efforts to help those in need,” the statement of Novák reads.

The president further emphasised that the situation in Europe is further compounded by the ongoing war in Ukraine as well as floods and wildfires, among others.

Recognising the impact that the war in Ukraine has on the continent, Novák underlined the importance of unity as well as highlighted the need for assistance as well as cooperation among the EU countries.

In addition to the above-mentioned, Novák drew attention to the commitment of Hungary to humanitarian efforts and showcased its exemplary track record.

She said that through the Hungary Helps aid scheme, Hungary has responded to more than 300 humanitarian and rehabilitation projects, amounting to over €100 million, since 2017.

The same stressed the country’s prompt support to the devastating earthquake in Türkiye that occurred earlier this year. Novák said that the country deployed a team of 167 specialists to the affected areas and stressed that they also delivered essential medical supplies.

Taking into account the current situation, Novák stressed the importance of extending assistance to those who need it and called for a stronger sense of environmental responsibility, About Hungary explains.

“A final question: whom do we want to save our planet for if not for the next generation? We need strong families where we can teach our children to care for their own environment and to help those in need,” Novák stated.

Furthermore, to underscore her message, Novák also quoted Pope Francis, who just recently visited Budapest. She said that the authorities are responsible for giving a future of hope to the next generation and not a “future of graves”.

While President Novák made such remarks during the conference, it is yet to be seen what decisions the country itself, as well as the other European Union/Schengen Area countries, will take to tackle the current challenges as well as those that might occur in the future.

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