Biden Administration Proposes New ID Card for Migrants


A new national identification card program for unauthorized immigrants has been suggested by the Biden administration. The “ICE Secure Docket Card program” would provide temporary ID cards to border crossers and other undocumented immigrants so they could legally identify themselves while navigating their immigration cases or removal court processes.

The “Secure Docket Cards”—named after the pilot program—will probably feature a photo, a bio, and a QR code that will enable the owner to view their court records and immigration records online. The specifics of the scheme are still being worked out. Since immigrants typically had to wait in long lines for court appearances or physically “check-in” at government offices at various stages of the process, the program is intended to reduce the administrative load of the immigration system. The existing immigration system could be streamlined, and illegal immigrants, law enforcement personnel, and government officials could all communicate more effectively and efficiently thanks to a national ID system.

Secure Docket Cards

The planned ID cards would make it easier for illegal immigrants to live their daily lives in the United States. Lack of legal identification typically makes it more difficult for people to get needs including housing, healthcare, transportation, and state welfare programs. If the Transportation Security Administration accepts the ID cards, it may also make it easier for undocumented immigrants to fly within the United States (TSA). Some immigration-related documents are currently recognized by TSA as acceptable forms of identification for travel.

The next Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations bill includes $10 million from the Biden administration for the pilot program. Before the end of September 2023, Democrats must receive congressional approval for the suggested plan to become a reality.

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