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61 Secs With Ibe Giantkiller

We at the MHMUK are so delighted to have you do this interview with us despite your tight schedule. We are a UK based organisation who wants to see a mental wellness culture driven society while we try to entertain and uplift our readers and followers. So our space is primarily mental health awareness and emotional well being.

Please, can you tell us who Ibe Giantkiller is; how did you come about the name ‘Giantkiller’, and what is that one particular thing people don’t know about you?

IBE– Giantkiller comes from David and Goliath: when David slay Goliath. It’s nothing to with super hero or anything like that. I just adopted that name because people did not believe David could slay this huge giant that was making noise.

It was actually prophesied 20 years ago that he is a giant killer…he is gonna slay giants.The thing that people don’t know about me is that I am a twin.

Please, tell us a bit about how your Christian journey started. What led you into what you are currently doing. How did you know it’s God’s will for you

I I became a Christian in 1992. I was invited to a church by a friend of mine and I just stayed. I think the thing that led me to Christianity was an old man giving his testimony; he just seems so happy through things he had gone through and I thought that’s something I want. I want happiness. I was looking for happiness. And that’s what I got, so I decided to give my life.

When I became a Christian, I developed many skills: skills of comedy, skills of music; skills of talking it just came out. The reason why I know that I am on the right path is because of the way things have happened. The scripture says, the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow to it. It is just the way things happen. How I gotinto things like Radio. I got into the radio accidentally, (well there is no accident). I went into a meeting in Luton where the BBC was looking for DJs or presenters. In fact, what they wanted to do is that they wanted to cut down all the pirate radios stations in Luton so they can take all the pirate radios presenters trained them to get them on the BBC. I was at the meeting cos I wanted to do radio and I spoke and I got the job.

Some of these challenges impacts ones emotional well being to which if nothing is done could make ones mental health status more vulnerable. How have you managed to balance life and work such so that your mental health status did not tip over?

Face your challenges. With fear just face it. Face all your challenges with fear. You have got nothing to lose. Just face it head-on. Because it is gonna come back to you anyway.I ran away from reading and education for 30 years and it came back to me. So just face it now. Face it head-on.

Celebrities are so prone and predisposed to emotional trauma due to an ever increasing pressure to keep up with their ever packed both home and workplace schedule. The new state of mind as a result is left unattended which consequently could result in a serious mental health issue. What can be done to address this problem?

If you feel stressed; if you feel any form of anxiety, it’s better youtalk it through. Get somebody to talk it through. Go for counseling.Speak to your pastor; speak to your leaders. It is very importantthat you speak out about your mental health, because if you suppress it, it could come out in terrible ways.

You are also a very good singer and music producer. How do you manage these activities…What do you do other than music?

Family is important. Family is very very important. That is the number one thing. Look after your family. Music will always be there; comedy will always be there; radio will always be there, make sure you take breaks and spend time with your family. That’s what I would say.

When I became a Christian, I developed many skills

How do you pass time? What is your guilty pleasure? If you mind me asking. What should we expect from you this year 2020?

`To pass the time, I love watching movies. I love spending time withfriends and families. Guilty pleasures: I love 80’s music; 80’s R&B Shalama all of that. Even 80’s gospel but the soul ones. 2020 I am expecting more of God’s grace, it’s my year of breakthrough. I am gonna be breaking through on all sides: TV, Music, RadioThank you so much for sharing this quality time with us, sir. Wishing you all the very best in life and ministry.

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