What Kendall Jenner Is Wearing This Spring


So no sky-high heels, then.

For sure. If it’s a heel, it’s a tiny little lift. I’m wearing a lot of heeled boots, but they’re no more than 3 or 4 inches. 

Is there anything else clothing-wise you’re really into experimenting with this spring?

I’m just excited for the weather to start warming up. I feel like I’ve been cold for a really long time now. I’m excited to put a dress back on. One of my favorite things ever is wearing dresses—whether they’re long, mid, or short. I just love being able to throw one thing on, and then the rest of my outfit is my shoes, bag, and jewelry.  I love a big T-shirt dress, or a really simple tank top dress. It’s something you could wear a million times and not everybody would notice, because it’s so classic. 

I feel like you’re so great at doing minimalism in a way that feels not boring. So, what’s your key styling tip?

It’s so much about fit and style. When it comes to really minimal or classic pieces, what stands out is when they fit really, really well, and they’re flattering. I could wear them a million times over with a million different outfits.

You’re a big vintage wearer, too. So are there any vintage items you’re looking to acquire this season?

I’m always looking. I love vintage shopping: I go with my friends at least once a week to a store, and we just go through everything. Right now, I’ve been pulling a lot of big leather jackets. A good vintage leather jacket is a wardrobe staple, and you can throw it over everything. Right now, I’m also looking at archive pieces from a lot of designers.

Lastly, we loved seeing you walk the runways at Prada and Versace this season. Was there anything you were inspired or excited by the shows at Fashion Month?

There’s so much I’m excited about. I saw a bunch of shows that I really loved. I’m on my Vogue Runway app constantly, just scrolling and screenshotting so much stuff. There were so many good coats [this season] that I was dying over. 

How about a trend this season that you’re not so into?

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