Cost of Magazine

Q. What is the cost of downloading The MHMUK Magazine?

A. The MHMUK Magazine is a free UK based digital magazine. We will not charge you to download our magazine.


Q. How do I follow?

A. Head over to our site. Click follow at the bottom right corner. Fill out the short form. You will receive a notification every time we update the site with the latest post.

Q. How can I subscribe to receive your mag. every time it is published online

A. Every edition before it is published is preceded by a subscription form where you are expected to fill out a few details such as Name and email address. Afterwards, every edition will arrive at your inbox the moment we hit the publish button.

Q. Can I order online?

A. Though we have not started a subscription-based service, you can request for any of our issues anytime. It would be sent to your inbox without charges.

To be a Contributor

Q. Can I contribute to the content of the MHMUK Magazine?

A. Yes we are open to various resources as long as they have mental health benefit; positive and actionable; supportive and non-judgemental

Q. How can I submit my work?

A. After reading our contributor guidelines, send your initial pitch to the editor:

Q. When will I get a reply?

A. We receive many requests and contributions which are checked against everything stated in the contributor guidelines including our aim and goals. Once we are satisfied your work meets our criteria we will get back to you via the email address provided.

Q. Do I get paid for my write up or stories?

A. We do not pay for work or stories submitted. This is to ensure that every feature in our magazine is real and original.


Q. Can I be part of MHMUK as a volunteer?

A. Yes, you can but this is solely at our own discretion. Write to the Director of MHMUK with clear writing of what you have in mind and where you think you can fit in.


Q. Can I collaborate or be a partner with your team?

A. Yes, but this is also at the leader’s discretion. Write to the Director indicating your interests. Clearly write out your intention: what you have to offer us; a sample of previous or current work/projects. We will reply as soon as possible.