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Everyone is a Winner

A trophy

All of us have been given gifts and talents by God.  Some of us find them very early on while others a little later. We have all been given something that we are good at. I believe when you ask God to help  you he will. We all want to be winners when we try new  things.

Sometimes we try it and it doesn’t work out the way we thought or planned, but when  you try your best and maybe even fail you are still a  winner in God’s eyes. He loves you  and with him you can always try again !!

Living with mental health can be more worrying for some people to try new things, to move out of their comfort  zones, to be confident and go for their dreams and to even take one step in front of the other. Anxiety and fear  can plague their minds that  they won’t do a certain thing right or will fail or that they  are  not  good enough.

Some people never try new things or move forward in life because of these thoughts.  They just think they can’t do  it , but there is no such word as can’t. It’s never  mentioned in the bible not  even once ,it says you CAN  do  all things through Christ  which strengthens you (Philippians 4.13).

Others may have  been told a lot that they will always be a failure or are no good or will never amount to nothing , these words can torment  people but I’m telling you today this is not true! You need to believe in yourself that God has placed in YOU and us all gifts and talents and something good that we can use to help somebody else and to make a difference in someone’s life to  better our lives, to reach for  the stars and our dreams, to go for that job, to sing on  that stage, to write that book, to start that business,or  that ministry etc.

Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above  (James 1.17). God has great things for you and wants you to have faith in him that he  can help you and that his grace is sufficient for you  (2 Corinthians 12.9). I want to encourage you to step out of the boat and to trust God no matter what, it may be to  follow your dreams and to push yourself in a certain area. I can say to you that I did and if I didn’t I  wouldn’t  be  writing  this  blog for this great magazine please believe you CAN and you  will. Pray and don’t give up  on whatever it is , I’m rooting  for you !!

God bless

Believe in yourself and never quit, winners try their best and have the attitude of a champion. They recognise their God given talents, a winner never stops trying. 

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