Let go and let God

We have gone into a new year and a new decade it’s 2020!! Wow where has 10 years gone. Goodbye 2019 and Goodbye to the last 10 years. The problem is

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April Shipton singing in a concert

My Victory Over Anorexia

If you listen to Christian radio, you might have heard music from Top 10 UK Independent Christian Chart artist April Shipton (‘Journey On’,A StepFwd,

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Be Anxious for Nothing

'Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety'- Plato Excessive worry or generalised anxiety refers to when you are excessively anxious

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The Power of Impression

People's impression of you can either make or mar. Human beings are thinking beings hence the tendency to be highly judgemental and draw conclusions

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A young lady listening to music

Venting the Mind

Anything that has an ENGINE needs a VENTING SYSTEM, whether it is a car, power plant, generator etc, the need for a venting system is so that the eng

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