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Refresh Your Life Again

I’ve heard, many times, from people (of course I am part of the equation) the statement, ‘I have tried everything I can but… Meaning the subject have ticked all the boxes as far as the requirements for achieving some sorts of results are concerned, but still stuck in a rut.

Perhaps, this resonates with you, particularly in this special period of the year when we make self-appraisal; compare our present to our expectations; or have experienced certain recurring undesired results. These understandably can potentially make you knuckle under: recurrent undesired results have so much negative energy. So, when you say, ‘I have tried everything I can’, I see where you are coming from. And honestly, those kinds of things happen to everyone. You are not alone.

But then if you are feeling stuck in a rut, expecting to see something different in terms of results will certainly be kooky. Come to think of it, on the second thought, have you tried everything? Or is it just that you have only gone as much as your experience could take you. Maybe, other roads are leading to Rome.

I will like to share with you 3 other ways you can take for a refreshing start this year.

1. Do your beliefs need a re-evaluation and servicing? : All actions have their cores in our beliefs. Belief is said to be simply a perception of reality which ,in a sense, is not on its own true reality.  It could be difficult to change because we believe it’s true: we have owned it. However, sometimes, what we believe to be true about ourselves are the exact reason why we are limited result wise. For instance, if you say, ‘I can’t achieve this level of results because I just can’t: a conclusion you have made and accepted over time probably due to some unfortunate events in your life.

We don’t give much attention to this area of our lives because they are buried deep inside us; not so much of a conspicuous thing yet they have such a huge hold on our lives and destinies. Beliefs are very much dependent on our experiences which in themselves are very limiting, so creating room for more experiences; and learning from other people’s perspectives can spark off the needed paradigm shift in our thoughts, actions, and behaviours.

A wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will attain to sound counsel.Prov 1:5

Do me a favour this year! Would you please start checking in on your core beliefs and see how well they are serving you. Otherwise, start taking deliberate steps to overhaul them.

2. Revisit your vision: The spark behind your startup is none other than the reason you are doing what you are doing: vision. It is the blueprint of your entire journey in one shot. If you are like me, when I am one degree off course from it, Life is never the same. My peace of mind is tied to it. A whole city or nation goes into ruin without it. It is the torch that lights the path of your life’s journey. Someone said, ‘it is not the road map but the compass of our life’.

That they might run that reads it: vision needs revisiting just so we know we are still on track. Your sparks are still tied to your vision don’t loose.

3. Refresh your approach with others’ perspectives: No one has the full custody of knowledge and experience. We only go as far as the level of our knowledge and the quality of our experience. Sometimes to regain the sturdiness of our grips on the situation, we need to see things through the lens of others’ experiences buried in books, conferences, workshops, mentorship, and apprenticeship.

In the multitude of counsel there is safety

Seyi is the founder of MHM International based in the UK. He is also the publisher of The MHM magazine the UK based bi-monthly published online magazine (print copies in the pipeline) For more, visit   |



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  1. It is great and fruitful to do the ‘I’ Statements
    I am wonderfully and beautifully made
    I am a Child of a King a peculiar person
    I am confident and can do all things through God who directs my thoughts
    I am armed and dangerous and believe in the Son of God
    I will do all I can today, tomorrow not given to me.

  2. Brilliant Article! It is a confirmation from God that I asked for, I received a Prophetic Word through my wife a week or so ago and then I was led to a video on YouTube by a preacher I hadn’t listened to for many years and he confirmed joanna’s Prophecy and now you have also Seyi, thank you for sharing! Glory to God!

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