Espacio Dios releases new impressive single, ‘Pelo’


Date of Release: November 18th, 2022

Length: 3 minutes 06 seconds

Features: 1 – Manglera Doe Boy

Label: Cradle of the Fourthkind

Details/Takeaway: ‘Pelo’ focuses on relatability. He sings of hope for love and vulnerability. Espacio Dios is a talented mood crafter. He knows the words, production, and stylistic approach to present his perspective in ways that captivate.

Expressing his hopes for love; he wants his potential love interest to know that he is worth opening up to, being vulnerable around and that is safe to exit their shell. It is complemented by the impactful Maglera Doe Boy, who expresses the same feeling in a minor-toned symphony, with the influences of Setswana and SeSotho.

Espacio Dios possess a voice that’s soft, and gentle, but carries enough weight to be felt. The seamless transition from rapping to singing in English & Zulu is a nice gear change.

Espacio not only knows his sound but has the vision to complement it with the added texture and backing vocals to the trap production.

“I am so excited to release this single; Pelo cleansed my soul and getting my brother, Maglera to feature on it brought a whole different vibe to it that I absolutely love sonically and lyrically,” Espacio Dios says

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