Slovakia Extends Validity of Temporary Refugee Status for Ukrainians Until March 2023


Slovakia’s Ministry of Interior has announced that Ukrainians with a temporary refugee status valid until December 31, will be eligible to benefit from this status until March 2023, after the government decided to extend the validity date for three more months.

Through a statement published by the Ministry of the Interior, it has been emphasised that the validity of the temporary refugee status will be extended from December 31, 2022, until March 4, 2023, reports.

The Ministry has confirmed that the new changes have been taken following the resolution of the Government of Slovakia.

“The Ministry of the Interior records cases where the employer refused to extend the employment contract and requires the emigrants to submit confirmations valid until March 4, 2023, despite the fact that the validity of the temporary refuge is automatically extended,” the statement reads.

All persons who want to see the duration of validity of the temporary asylum document can do so in an electronic way, without being required to head to the foreign police or to a large-capacity centre.

Like many other European countries, Slovakia also opened its doors to a large number of refugees from Ukraine.

According to the recent figures provided by the Ministry of the Interior, for a period between November 7 and November 13, a total of 739 citizens from Ukraine applied for temporary refugee status in Slovakia.

The same source revealed that during the same period, a total of 17,758 citizens from Ukraine entered Slovakia through the country’s borders.

In addition, authorities in Slovakia also announced that from November 7 – November 13, a total of 18,686 people crossed Slovakia’s borders on their way to leaving Slovakia for Ukraine.

“In comparison to the previous week: from  October 31 to November 6, 2022, 19,079 people entered the Slovak Republic from Ukraine. 736 applicants applied for temporary shelter. On the other hand, 18,696 people passed through border crossings on their way out of Slovakia to Ukraine,” the statement provided by the same Ministry notes.

According to the statement published previously by Slovakia’s Ministry of the Interior, since February 24 when Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine started a total of 24,957,060 citizens from Ukraine reached Slovakia.

In addition, authorities in Slovakia also announced that the number of temporary shelters granted from March 1, stands at 100,585.

A previous report by the Ministry of the Interior of Slovakia revealed that for a period between October 24 until October 30, a total of 844 Ukrainian refugees applied for temporary refugee status in this country.

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