Finland Warns a Delay of Residence Permit Cards Delivery to Russia


The Finnish Migration Service has warned that there might be a delay in the delivery of residence permit cards to Russia, with the delivery of such permits taking up to several weeks. 

The authority apologised for the inconvenience in a press release issued yesterday and also explained that these delays are occurring due to irregular postal communication with Russia, reports. 

Those who receive a positive decision on their application will receive a card from the Finnish embassy when the card is delivered. These candidates are advised to wait until the Finnish authorities contact them. The delay in issuing residence permit cards only applies to those who submitted documents for the first residence permit in the representation of Finland in Russia.

According to the Finnish local media, Yle News, the number of tourism visa applications filed by Russian citizens has been reduced to 100 per day from September, indicating that the number of visas issued to these citizens will decrease by 90 per cent. 

“We have become resentful of the idea of Finland becoming a transit country when air links from St Petersburg and Moscow to the West are not operating. They arrive at Helsinki airport and leave immediately for a holiday elsewhere. That is not the role Finland wants,” Haavisto, the Finnish Foreign Minister said for Yle.

According to a previous press release by the Finnish Immigration Service, issued at the beginning of the year, before the Russian war in Ukraine started, the number of applications for residence permits filed by Russian nationals increased significantly. More specifically, in 2021, specialists obtained 1,293 residence permits, and the majority of those came from Russia, India and China. 

Data from the same source shows that in the last 12 months, a total of 55,265 first residence permits were submitted to Finnish authorities, and 47,075, representing the majority were positive, two were dismissed, 2,848 were expired and 5,340 were negative. 

As per extended residence permits, only one was dismissed, 708 were expired and 1,620 were negative, while 36,984 or 94 per cent were positive. In addition, the recognition rate for permanent residence permits was exceptionally high during the last 12 months, with 14,146 or 94.1 per cent of applications being positive, 217 were expired matter and 658 negatives. 

Russians represented 29 per cent of all applicants for Finnish citizenship – accounting for 16,697 applications, with 15,478 receiving a positive response, two being dismissed and 904 being negatives. Ukrainians followed the list with 8,790 applications – 7,886 of those being positive, 340 expired and 564 negatives. 

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