TXT Revived Indie Sleaze Style at the American Music Awards


Tonight, the South Korean boy band Tomorrow X Together—popularly known as TXT—made their first appearance at the annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Group members Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai are all nominated for Best K-Pop Artist this evening, alongside other popular acts such as BTS and Blackpink. To mark their first AMAs red carpet in style, the stylish group opted for coordinated, black and white Saint Laurent outfits. The fits also revived indie sleaze style—yes, the 2000s fad.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term indie sleaze, it’s the aughts fashion trend—rather, attitude—when grungy, rock and roll style was all the rage. Think skinny jeans, cropped moto jackets, and plaid shirts; anything you would have reblogged on Tumblr at the time. For a more modern approach to the spirit, however, TXT opted for pieces that were edge, yet still sleek and refined. Beomgyu’s Playboy Bunny sweater was paired with a classic black trouser and leather knee boots. Meanwhile, Taehyun’s military-style coat was worn with the heeled shoes. Where one member dialed up the drama—like Huening Kai’s fluffy faux fur jacket—it was balanced against the other group members’s more simple looks, like Yeonjun’s striped button-up shirt and Soobin’s double-breasted suit.

Their rocker ensembles weren’t a dead-on replica of indie sleaze fashion, but rather the grown-up, more sophisticated version. Though we love that they still kept true to the era’s skinny jeans obsession. Sorry, baggy jean lovers!

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