Blake Lively Returns to Her Boho Chic Roots


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds delivered a one-two punch of Ralph Lauren on Thursday night. Lively, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, wore a flowy, earth-colored dress from Ralph Lauren’s fall 2022 collection. Reynolds—the picture of dapper, old-school charm—wore a RRL velvet suit, shirt, and tie. 

Lively’s look is a fabulous nod to her reign as a boho chic maternity style maven once upon a time. She loaded up on key signatures from the early 2010s: chunky turquoise jewelry, an easy-breezy dress, and heavy bangles. Anyone looking to channel this free-spirited effect can just look at her accessories. An arm full of oversized statement jewelry is a throwback to the days when Lively regularly wore maxi skirts paired with tailored blazers and ran the lifestyle blog/e-commerce site Preserve (RIP). 

What makes this his-and-hers Ralph Lauren moment work actually is how different each is. The looks feel ripped from contrasting eras but the strong viewpoint and designs of Ralph Lauren—plus their joint star power—pulls it all together. Plus, there’s no better accessory than the glow of a baby on the way. Congrats! 

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